Books on Crete

Here you will find our highly recommended books on Crete. Some of these books are not commonly available outside Crete, so you'll have to wait until your visit to get them. Unfortunately, we cannot supply any books at this time.

For a wider selection of books about Crete, including maps of Crete, Crete guide books and Crete themed novels please click the link to go to visit our Amazon bookstore.

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Samaria Gorge

This excellent Samaria guide book is a must for all who want to walk the famous Samaria Gorge. We recommend you purchase this book before you travel to Crete so you can read up on all the details about the terrain, flora and fauna of the gorge beforehand.

That way you'll be able to look out for all the wonders of the Samaria Gorge as you hike through this the longest gorge in Europe.

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Crete Touring Map

This Map of Crete, includes a booklet with city maps and useful information. This Crete touring map is a fold up map and measures 130 x 240mm. This is a must have map for walkers, hikers, birdwatchers and nature lovers in general.

At a scale of 1:160.000 it contains the world famous
E4 European path, and has very importantly the Greek spelling and the anglicised version of the Cretan villages, landmarks and towns.

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Chania Guide Book

We highly recommend this Chania Guide Book which is a must for all travellers and explorers wanting to get the most form their time visiting the city of Chania and the surrounding prefecture or district of the same name. If you are planning to visit West Crete then this Chania Guide Book will provide you with lots of information on how to get the most from your trip. Small enough to carry with you but big enough to be packed full of useful and fascinating information.

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Rethymno Guide Book

Another Crete guide book we recommend is this handy little Rethmyno Guide Book that covers not just the city of Rethymon but also the prefecture or district with the same name. Read up about this fascinating area of Crete before visiting so you can look out for the sights, experiences and activities that will most interest you. A handy size but very informative guide book to plan how you can get the most from exploring Rethmyno – the soul of Crete.

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Wild Flowers of Crete

We can highly recommend the excellent and informative hand book named Wild Flowers of Crete. It is expertly written and photographed by Vangelis Papiomitoglou. The text and images are a real boon to the explorer wanting to easily identify the many wild flowers of Crete. A crucial and affordable handbook for all nature lovers of the flora and fauna of Crete.

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Plants of Crete

Another brilliant book we are very happy to recommend is Plants of Crete – Healing, Aromatic and Edible. Entertainingly and informatively written by Antonis Alibertis, this fully illustrated book is perfect for the Nature Lover. Its 350 pages contain colour photographs, descriptions, habitats, properties, and uses of a wide range of plants found on Crete, including endemics.

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Edible Plants of Crete

A well researched and beautifully bilingual colour photographed hard back book named Wild Edible Plants of Crete by Kleonikos Stavridakis is a must for all nature lovers and for fans of the Cretan Diet and is a valuable resource. Featuring many types of Horta traditionally collected by village women to add to the many delicious recipes that Crete has to offer this beautiful book is a must.

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Orchids of Crete & the Dodecanese

This is an incredible book for all orchid enthusiasts and lovers of the wild flowers of Crete and the Greek islands. Beautifully photographed and with in depth descriptions this ultimate Crete orchids book presents 70 species and 23 sub-species,

The description of each plant is completed by an indication of the flowering period, a distribution map and rich photographic material.

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Cretan Cookery Mum's 200 Recipes

Handed down by word of mouth and from mother to daughter 200 traditional recipes make up this excellent Cretan Cookery book. Clearly written with simple instructions and more than 150 photographs the book will show you the way to the traditional Cretan diet and lead you to sublime, delicious enjoyment based on the simplicity, clarity and purity of these recipes and their ingredients.

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Cretan Cooking

We highly recommend Cretan Cooking brilliantly written and photographed by Nikos and Maria Psilakis. With 265 easy to follow recipes with wonderful colour photographs this recipe book is a must have for all lovers of Crete, the Cretan Diet and healthy food. The miracles of the Cretan diet, the most wholesome cuisine of the Mediterranean are unfolded in this great little recipe book.

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Olive Oil For Long Life

This is another lovely book all about the mythology, history and folklore of the olive tree, olives and olive oil. It's also stuffed with lots of traditional recipes using olive oil for you to try at home.

Olive oil is renowned for its health giving benefits and for helping to give long life. This olive oil secrets book reveals how olive oil has been used in the past and how you can use it in the future. We can highly recommend this lovely book.

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Olive Oil Secrets

This is a brilliant book on the fascinating subject of olive oil. We have no hesitation in recommending this great book by Cretan diet experts Nikos and Maria Psilakis. This book explores in depth the history and usage of olive oil since Minoan times.

It also contains some brilliant and simple recipes using the legendary health giving olive oil. This really is the ultimate book for lovers of Crete, the Cretan diet and olive oil.

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