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Some years ago, while on holiday on the Greek Island of Samos, we decided that we wanted to leave our life in England behind and move to Greece, to a warmer and sunnier place, hopefully near the beach!

We had no idea how we could do this, as we were both far from retirement, had no savings, and could not speak Greek, nor did we have any skills we could transfer to the Greek Islands.

We weren't builders or teachers or dentist or doctors. We both had really good jobs in the private voluntary sector, but our management and quasi-legal skills were of no use to us in Greece.

We needed a way to finance ourselves to enable us to live our dream.

During our spare time we tried to develop our online business ideas. A friend helped us set up websites (we couldn't do this on our own) and we tried online selling through this and through eBay.

In this way we tried to make money on the Web so that we could start living the dream of moving to a Greek island, working from home, living a hassle free lifestyle, being our own boss and not working for anyone, and working when and how we wanted to.

But we also wanted to do something that we were truly interested in, which stimulated us, and helped and informed others.

This is REAL freedom.

But our past efforts never took off. We developed websites, sure - but they were just web sites - we didn't get the visitors we hoped for, and we certainly didn't earn any income from them.

We didn't know anything about:

  • Designing and create a website from scratch
  • Programming HTML
  • Submitting to a search engine
  • Generate traffic to a website

We now know what we needed to do to create a viable web business (not just a website).

Site Build It! (SBI!) provided all we needed, including a 10 day simple to follow video action guide, and we soon had a website up and running.

You're on it now!

On days 1 – 5: YOU PLAN!

Get to know what you want as your Web Site theme (we have 5 sites – 2 are travel related, one is related to the Cretan Diet, one exclusively on Dittany of Crete, and the other is in development!)

Amongst other things, Site Build It! goes into great detail helping you plan your website, choosing a niche or subject, choosing a domain name, preparing for traffic, and writing quality content, etc.

The best part we found was the content management system. This enabled us to upload content, photos, videos, forms, everything a website contains - without any knowldge of HTML.

Site Build It! provides you with two options for creating pages:

  1. Upload your own HTML onto their server
  2. Use their content management system to create a website in the browser itself (no HTML, FTP or other technical knowledge required).

Most people choosing to use Site Build It! for their web business development will focus mostly on the Content Management System (CMS). The way this works is simple:

You first chose a theme for your website (which you can customize in your Look and Feel Selector section).

Here you can customize the theme by changing things such as the colour, the background images, the fonts, the sizes, and the alignment, just to name a few.

Now you are ready to start adding content. This is as simple as filling in dialog boxes.

Beyond this, Site Central includes a number of other resources that focus on their other three processes to success:

  • Traffic
  • PreSell
  • Monetize

These are addressed in their Business Centre also located on the Site Central web page.

Here you will find the tools and links to continue analyzing your market while recording the vital analytical statistics required to grow your business or website (such as a built-in traffic analyzer).

One of the important things that SBI! taught us was the way the Internet works. And how you can make money with it. The process is called C-T-P-M, which stands for Content, Traffic, Presell, Monetise.

First you build Content for your website, and this can be anything you are interested in. If you are interested in it then others will be too and you'll provide information about subjects people are actually searching for on the WWW. And you do it in such a way that it scores high in the search engines (Google and the like).

That results in Traffic driven to your site. People won't come to your site, unless they can find you.

If you offer good information, you'll get people visiting your site, and they'll keep coming. And if your content is good your visitors will come to know, trust and respect you.

Are you worried that you might not be able to write and fill your website with interesting and well written content?

Click here to download this FREE book MYWS (.pdf) and you’ll learn all you need to know to succeed.

It really helped us!

We derive a lot of income from advertising and affiliate programmes. With the trust and respect comes the ability to actually make money with your site too, by promoting other businesses, advertising, and/or selling your own products. In fact, these are just a few of the possibilities. 

At the end of the day, anyone able to use an internet browser (which I assume is all of you since you are reading this on Completely Crete) can build a professional website with the tools and understanding on how to grow it with the Site Build It program.

So, if

  • you want to up sticks yourself and move abroad, near the sea, where the sun shines most of the time (like we did!), or
  • you want to have an additional income to boost your current earnings, by working from home on your computer, or
  • you want to give up the day job completely and work when you want from the comfort of your "home office" so you can spend more time with the kids, or
  • you are retired and want to pursue a hobby that provides an income too!

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If you have any questions about SBI!, an actual SBI! owner/user will give you real answers based upon their direct first hand experience.
Click here to submit your question via email (there's even an option to telephone).


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