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We have partnered with Amazon.com to provide some great Crete related books including novels based on and/or about Crete, as well as some great Crete maps and guides.

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For a terrific read, get The Pale Surface of Things by Janey Bennett. This is a fast-moving novel set in a

Cretan village — kidnaps and killings, prayers and healing, ethics and ritual, and a darned good tale. You
can go to Janey's website and buy it new - it's a great read!

Read our Review here.

Also, introducing The Greek Islands - A Notebook by Richard Clark. This is "a series of snapshots of Journeys and Places, Culture and History, and People and Island Life on Greece's enchanted triangle of islands - Corfu, Crete and Rhodes and the islands in between. Whether a regular visitor or a first time traveller there, this book provides an invaluable insight into life past and present on these beautiful islands." 

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