Crete Island Life

Crete Island is the biggest of the Greek Islands and attracts many tourists to its sun drenched shores each year.

Many people are considering a new life in a warmer climate where things aren't so hectic and the cost of living is relatively low. The idea of living in Crete is very appealing. Crete Island in Greece is a top destination for north Europeans especially. Here are some things you might find useful to know if you are thinking of moving to Crete.

Crete Island Top Tips

1. It can get very hot in Crete, but expect cool, damp winters. Many people are surprised at just how cold, wet and windy the winter months in Crete are. Buy or rent a property with central heating, or better still, a cosy wood burning stove.

2. Brace your taste buds. Food is a lot tastier in Crete than you might be used to. That's because it is mostly organic, free range and locally produced. But if you don't like olive oil -- don't move here!

3. Crete people are friendly. But like most Mediterranean peoples, they are not afraid to express their emotions. Don't be surprised to hear what sounds like some heated arguments -- they're probably just discussing the price of tomatoes!

4. The Greek language is hard to learn. But don't worry, most people you will come into contact with in Crete speak English, and want to practise it on you. Learning a little of the language though, will be much appreciated. Most larger villages and towns offer Greek lessons.

5. Bureaucracy can be a problem, but it's not that much different than other countries (try opening a bank account in the UK!) The only difference is that you have to cope with it in a foreign language. Your lawyer/accountant/neighbour/ex-pat community will guide you through it.

6. Greek TV is not what you are used to, although many Greek channels have top Hollywood films and series' in English with Greek subtitles. The adverts are virtually as long as the programmes and interrupt unexpectedly.

There are some good satellite providers too, with full access to English language programmes, including news, sports and films.

7. Fast connection wifi broadband internet is available throughout virtually the whole of Crete, except perhaps very remote regions, some remote villages, and the hills and mountains. So you can easily keep in touch with those you left behind with Messenger or Skype.

Just Some of the Reasons We Love Crete...

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