Douliana Taverna – the best servings of the Cretan Diet…


The Douliana Taverna (Ta Ntouliana) is a traditional Greek Taverna.

Rustic in nature, the lovely outdoor setting is the perfect place to have a wonderful lunch or dinner.

You'll find the taverna in the heart of the pretty village of Douliana, also known as Ntouliana ("Nt" pronounced "d") in the Apokoronos area of Chania on the Greek island of Crete.

Close to the popular beach resorts of nearby Kalyves and Almyrida Douliana is a pretty little inland village and the Douliana Taverna is a real 'off the beaten track' find.

Carob trees grow alongside Turpentine trees, Cypress trees and Olive trees and offer some shade from the heat of the sun in the rustic courtyard of the little, quaint taverna.

The family run taverna offers a wide choice on their menu and everything we have tasted there has been exceptional and extremely good value.


The Douliana Salad, for example is a masterpiece offering colour, taste and texture all on one delicious plate and is a perfect Cretan diet salad.

It consists of the juiciest tomatoes, shredded cucumber, cabbage, carrot and red onion mixed with the freshest of herbs like dill and parsley.

Add to this the some tiny barley rusks (Dakos,) flavoursome green olives and the softest cream cheese, with a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice and you have the most mouthwatering salad in the Apokoronos area of Crete.

All the ingredients are locally grown – and by that I mean undoubtedly in the Douliana Taverna kitchen garden that surrounds the restaurant.

A delicious side dish of yogurt and cucumber Tzaziki with a plate of freshly cooked chipped potatoes adds even more variety and contrasting tastes and flavours to a meal served by the Douliana Tavrena.


Or try the excellent local chicken baked in the oven or any of the variety of meats cooked on the grill. All are wonderfully cooked to perfection. A firm favourite is the meat pie with yogurt and garlic – simply incredible!

All meals are finished off with a complimentary platter of fresh seasonal fruits such as gorgeous green grapes, delicious mouthwatering watermelon or freshly picked figs and pomegranate.

At the front of the Douliana Taverna Menu is a translation from Greek to English of the philosophy underpinning the values of the family run taverna. It reads:

"Our village "the Ntouliana" is a small traditional settlement where famous for his natural beauty the olive, the cypress, the carob tree, o aspalathos, the thyme and the traditional lodges, xeroalithia are ours sightseeing."

"Here dominate the simplicity, the flavor and the Cretan habits, the saucepan, the xylofournas and fireplace remind old forgotten smells."

"Our foods are cooked from olive oil, pure materials and most are made the hour that you him ask."

"You will be served by the persons that love they work humanly. The time is our friend and we like it roll slowly, slow…!!!"

We highly recommend the Douliana Taverna if you are visiting the Apokoronos area of western Crete.

The taverna certainly serves up a representative sample of the Cretan Diet – the healthiest diet in the world!

Just Some of the Reasons We Love Crete...

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