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The following employment advice is produced by the British Embassy in Athens.

Employment advice involving British nationals in Greece

A number of employment agencies in Greece deal with enquiries made in person or by letter. Some are reliable. There are also agencies in the United Kingdom who may be able to assist in finding employment in Greece, usually as a nanny and governess.

You are advised to secure a written statement (agreement) before arrival in Greece as to duties involved, hours of work, salary and arrangements for payment of fares to and from Greece. If in doubt you should seek legal advice before any contract for employment is signed. The Embassy has no authority to intervene in disputes between employers and employees.

Technically, private employment agencies cannot operate in Greece. This function is performed by the State through the Ministry of Labour regional OAED Offices.

British Nationals, however, may find employment opportunities through English Language publications such as the “Athens News” and “The Herald Tribune” – Kathimerini. There are also various regional newspapers in other areas in Greece such as “The Corfiot” in Corfu, The Crete Courier .

There is a considerable demand for the teaching of English as a foreign language and there are many opportunities for regular and part-time employment, however, prospective employees should examine contracts carefully before taking up such engagements. A Presidential Decree signed in 1997 made it possible for European Union Nationals to be generally employed in and also open Foreign Language Institutes (‘Frontistiria’). There are certain criteria for teachers and Directors of Study at Frontistiria vis-a-vis certification of basic knowledge of the Greek Language. Relevant examinations for obtaining such certificates are organised periodically under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.

The Embassy has no means of finding employment in Greece for British Passport holders.

Since 1 January 1981 nationals of EU countries, by virtue of Article 52 of the EC Treaty, have the right of self-establishment in Greece. This means that EU nationals may work on their own account as self-employed persons. However, in some areas, e.g. self-employed teachers, the Greek authorities may require persons to satisfy certain qualifications and requirements. Consequently anyone wishing to set up as a self-employed person in Greece should consult the Greek authorities regarding their position before doing so.

Qualified nurses wishing to take up employment in Greece should write before coming to Greece directly to: The Association of Graduate Nurses, Athens Tower, Building ‘C’, 2nd Floor, 2 Messogion Avenue, Athens 115 27 Telephone No: 210 770 2861. With their letter nurses should include full details of their qualifications and experience and mention when they would be available commence employment.


Persons who receive unemployment benefit in the United Kingdom and move to Greece in an effort to find work may continue to receive unemployment benefit in Greece from the local Manpower and Employment Organisation Office (OAED) for a period of THREE months. They should produce to their local OAED office form E303, which is issued by their local Benefit Agency in the United Kingdom. They must also register themselves at the same OAED office as unemployed within 7 days of signing off in the U.K. IF THE APPLICANT DOES NOT FIND WORK WITHIN THREE MONTHS HE/SHE MUST LEAVE THE COUNTRY.

A person can remain abroad for 4 weeks and continue to receive benefit on return to the United Kingdom. However, if a person remains abroad up to six months they will need to re-register with the Benefits Agency on their return to the United Kingdom.

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