February in Crete

February in Crete is obviously much quieter than the more popular tourist season of the summer months of June, July and August. There are no direct flights to Crete from the UK or other European countries excluding Cyprus. Because of this there are not many tourists visiting Crete at this time.

The February weather in Crete can be quite unpredictable with storms, high winds and heavy rainfall interspersed with warm and sunny clear blue sky days.

Accommodation on Crete in February also can be difficult to find with a far more limited choice of hotels than in the summer months.

Weather for February in Crete

We’ve found that in February the weather in Crete can vary from fairly cold and rainy days to pleasantly warm and clear days.

If you’re staying on Crete in February you may need to bring a waterproof jacket and be prepared for some chilly nights.

February weather in Crete can see a temperatures ranging from a low of 8°C to a high of 16°C with average temperatures falling around the 12°C mark.

February weather in Crete can see some very dramatic storms with crashing thunder and spectacular lightning displays over the sea. The winds can be almost gale force and we’ve known of flights to Crete from Athens to Chania Airport having to turn back because of the high winds. Also the nightly ferries to Crete from Pireaus sometimes have to wait before being able to sail safely into the Souda Bay harbour.

Rainfall during this month can be quite high too with torrential downpours being a feature for February weather in Crete.

Flights to Crete in February

Flights to Crete in February are not as frequent as the summer months. In fact winter in Crete can be difficult to get to as there are no direct flights to Crete in February. You’ll need to fly to Athens and get a connecting flight from Athens to Chania, Sitia or Heraklion airport. This can work out to be quite costly in comparison to the direct cheap flights to Crete in the summer months.

Hotels in Crete in February

Visitors to Crete in February may have limited choices as to the accommodation and hotels that are open. There are some hotels open in February in Crete, particularly in the main towns of Chania, Heraklion, Rethymnon and Sitia but you may have to search long and hard to find hotels in the holiday resorts.

Things to do in Crete in February

February in Crete

February in Crete normally sees the Apokries season which is the 3 week period before the Greek Orthodox Lent and culminates in a Mardi Gras Carnival parade. Most towns and larger villages of Crete will hold a carnival during this time.

The town of Rethymnon usually boasts the biggest and best carnival parades. It can sometimes be held in March as Greek Easter and therefore Lent is a movable feast but generally it is a date in February.

There can be some very pleasant days in February in Crete with warm sunshine and clear blue sky days, making it ideal for walking, hiking or bicycling. The many and varied birds of Crete, including Chaffinches, Gold Finches, Blackbirds, Blue Tits and Great Tits begin their mating rituals around mid February and the dawn chorus is a joy to hear.

The almond trees are still in blossom and the flowers add a lovely soft colour of pink to the landscape of Crete.

The purple, violet and pink Anemones are still making their presence felt with splashes of vibrant colour brightening the hillsides. Wild Narcissus are also quite abundant at this time and their scent is intoxicating. Old women sell bunches of these beautiful flowers in the towns to passersby.

Olive picking still continues into February on Crete, keeping families busy.

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