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If you intend living in Crete full time owning a car has its obvious advantages. And even if you are living in Crete for part of the year say during the summer months, owning a car in Crete can enhance your experience.

You may need to decide whether to import a car to Crete or not.

We know of very few people who chose to import a car to Crete from the UK. The reasons for this are twofold.

  • Firstly, the cost of the 'registration tax' Greece charges on vehicles imported for longer than six months can be high, even on older vehicles. We've heard tales of thousands of euros being charged for an average sized 3-year-old car!
  • Secondly the Greek bureaucracy involved to import a car to Crete can be overwhelming.

The British Embassy in Athens issue guidelines to UK citizens on the importation of cars. Click here for the full advice.

Import a car to Crete Red Tape

Basically the red tape you’ll need to go through is:

  • Before you leave the UK get an import licence from the Greek embassy
  • Before you leave the UK get an export licence from the DVLA
  • Ensure you have sufficient insurance from your UK insurers to cover you for two or three months.
  • Ensure you have a receipt for the car.
  • Transport the vehicle to Crete
  • Within one month of arriving in Crete have the vehicle inspected by customs
  • Pay import tax and stamp duty.
  • Have the vehicle tested at the government testing station.
  • Register the vehicle and pay tax for registering it
  • Pay car tax and acquire your windscreen sticker.
  • Insure your car in Crete.

Hardly surprisingly that many ex pats choose not to import a car to Crete!

Driving in Crete is by and large a pleasurable experience. See our Driving in Crete page.

Prices for new cars are very good compared with other EU countries. There are many car dealerships throughout the island, so you will not have a problem buying a new car.

There is a healthy trade in decent second hand cars, particularly as the car rental companies change their fleet every 2 to 3 years.

Contrary to what we’ve heard and read on some websites, British citizens do need a residence permit to buy a car in Crete - the dealer will ask you for one.

The process of buying is, as you would imagine, easy and painless. The dealers want your business and will make things as easy as possible for you, arranging insurance if requested.

Just some of the reasons we love Crete...

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