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Internet in Crete

The Internet in Crete is widely available with ADSL or Broadband in most areas.

The two leading Internet providers in Crete are Otenet and Forthnet.

Otenet, one of the major Internet providers here, was founded in 1996 by OTE, the Telecommunications Company of Greece.

Forthnet was the first company to introduce the Internet in Greece and currently has a large portfolio of Internet services, such as access services (via PSTN, ISDN and ADSL networks, permanent connections and pre-paid access time card), telecommunications services and value-added services.

We've found that costs compare very favourably to UK Internet providers.

If you just need occasional use of the Internet in Crete there is a growing number of Internet cafes popping up throughout Crete. Webcam use and printing facilities are also provided along with fast Internet connections.

Telephone services in Crete

OTE is the national Greek telephone service and has offices in all the main towns throughout Crete.

Getting a Connection

If you are living in Crete or own a property in Crete and need a landline telephone then you need to apply to your local OTE office in person, taking with you your tax number, plus your passport or residency permit.

As many properties in Crete do not have addresses with street names, let alone house numbers, ensure that you give a good description of your location when ordering your phone at the OTE office. They will send an engineer out, usually within a day or two, and if he cannot find your house he will simply give up. However, you'll be surprised how resourceful they are in locating obscurely located apartments!

If you’re renting a Crete property you will need to ask your landlord to apply for your telephone and Internet connection.

We've found that costs compare very favourably to UK telephone company charges and rates.

Changing Existing Connection

If you move into a property with an existing phone line you will need to change the name by asking the previous owner to provide the relevant documents together at the OTE office.

Phone Cards

You can buy pre-paid telephone cards to use in the public phone booths from peripteros or street kiosks, which can be seen on most street corners. Cards are available in a range of prices from 4 Euros.

Mobile Phones in Crete

If you intend living in Crete and need a mobile phone we recommend you buy a phone here or get your UK mobile phone unlocked and buy a Greek sim card. This is because using a UK mobile phone will prove to be VERY expensive whether making calls within Crete or phoning the UK.

The two leading Mobile Phone companies in Crete are Cosmote and Vodafone.

Cosmote Mobile Telephony is the leading provider of mobile telecommunications services in Greece. Cosmote's main shareholder is OTE, the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization.

Vodafone is a leading provider of mobile phone services in Crete and owns 360 stores throughout Greece. Almost every other advert on Greek TV seems to be for Vodafone!

Just some of the reasons we love Crete...

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