Long Term Renting a Property in Crete

If you are thinking about living in Crete, setting up a business here, finding work, bringing up a family or retiring to Crete then by far and away, the very best advice we can give you is – RENT FIRST!

Before parting with your hard earned cash and making a big commitment to buy a Crete property, we recommend you spend some time living here first.

It makes perfect sense to "try before you buy". Lots of people, us included, are attracted by the laid back lifestyle that Crete has to offer. Many people have spent countless happy, sun-drenched and picture postcard perfect holidays here, and can visualise more of the same if they were to move here permanently.

This dream can come true. But also the reverse can happen. After spending a full year here you may change your mind about the property you have bought, the location it is set in, or even the decision to stay in Crete at all.

So, to ensure you love the village, the location and even the Island of Crete itself rent a property for a minimum of 12 months to get a real flavour of the place.

Finding property to rent

This can be the tricky part. With so many real estate agencies, estate agents and property developers vying for customers to buy their houses, it is often difficult to find somewhere to rent.

This difficulty is worsened if you do not live here in Crete and have to trawl the internet to find a suitable property to rent from afar.

In our experience, many of the estate agents have rental properties on their books but don’t advertise them as readily as their properties for sale. So it is a good idea to email each estate agent to find out what properties (if any) they do have to rent out long term.

Check out our Crete Property Estate Agents page, for possible long-term renting opportunities throughout the Island.

Just some of the reasons we love Crete...

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