How to Deter Mosquitoes from Ruining your Holiday on Crete

Mosquitoes and mosquito bites can ruin your holiday in Crete. From the first day you arrive at your destination in the sun, these pesky insects will be hunting you down, eager to taste the sweet fresh blood of the newly arrived holiday makers.

If bitten, then at the very least you will be irritated by the itching, but it could be worse if the bite gets infected. These Mosquito bites can look very unsightly too and last for weeks.


Mosquitoes are one of the most insidious creatures on the planet. Carrying malaria in many parts of the world, they cause literally millions of deaths every year. In Crete, Greece, and most Mediterranean countries, mosquitoes are more of a pest than life threatening. I personally make it my mission to kill and deter as many as possible. 

Whenever we are in Crete we make mosquito bite prevention a number one priority.

Here's the best possible advice for you to help you avoid mosquito bites that can ruin your holiday on Crete. 

Arm Yourself

You need all the tools and technology at your disposal to help you combat this persistent pest. The best approach is a three pronged defence:

Mosquito Spray - for instant on the spot death
Mosquito Plug-in - for on-going general deterrence
Mosquito Repellent - for specific direct protection

A proprietary insect spray that kills flies and mosquitoes is a must and can be used to kill any mosquitoes you see. The more you kill the better. This spray can also be used to clear a room of any mosquitoes lying in wait through the day. Spray the bathroom as soon as you arrive.

A plug in can be used with a liquid that, when heated, evaporates into the room a vapour which the mosquito finds debilitating. It deters them from entering and causes them to feel poorly, and so not in the mood to fly around and bite anyone.

A repellent containing Deet is a must for covering exposed skin when out in the evening at the bar, or restaurant, or when sipping the local wine on the balcony/patio. The best we found is Autan or the Tesco branded one is good too. There may be others of course.

Mosquito Deterrence Strategies

If you can arrive in Crete already armed with the necessary equipment then all well and good. However, you'll probably need to buy the plug-in on arrival (and possibly the killer fly spray).

You are vulnerable to mosquito bites as soon as you arrive in your resort, but this is particularly true if you arrive at night or in the evening.

This is the time when the (female) mosquito is active and looking for blood. Many holiday-makers arrive in their rooms exhausted at these late hours. It's hot, so the windows and patio doors are flung open, clothes are discarded, and exposed white bodies strewn prostrate on beds and sofas.

This is probably the time when most people get their first wave of mosquito bites.

To avoid this problem keep doors and windows closed, particularly on your first night. Use the air conditioning if you have it to cool down.

Apply repellent to any exposed areas of skin, particularly ankles, feet, legs, arms and neck before you go out.

Get plug-ins as soon as you can and put one in each bedroom.

In Summary

Prepare to defend yourself on the first night, your most vulnerable time. Apply deterrent, keep doors and windows closed and hunt them down with your killer spray.

Apply deterrent on all exposed parts, and plug in a plug-in for each bedroom.  

If You Get Bitten by a Mosquito

Despite the best tactics and training, you might still suffer a mosquito bite. If you do, make sure you have something you can apply to any mosquito bites as soon as know you are bitten. Bring it with you from your home country if you can.

If you don't have anything, pour a Raki (available from every restaurant on Crete) into a shot glass and dip your finger in it. Apply the Raki to your bite. Then drink what's left in the glass. Do this several times. Soon you won't be able to feel any bite. Soon, you won't be able to feel.

Just some of the reasons we love Crete...

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