Nudist Beaches in Crete

Naturism lovers and nudists seeking nudist beaches want to feel free and natural in a secure and secluded environment but there are no official nude beaches on the Greek Island of Crete although discreet naturism is tolerated. Most of the beaches on Crete you could say are topless beaches.

Many women choose to go topless when sunbathing on even the most popular and sometimes crowded beaches of the Greek Islands. And Crete is no exception. This partial nudity is rarely given a second glance and is commonplace and accepted.

You’ll not find official nudist beaches nor signposted or reserved areas for nudists on the island of Crete. However on the less popular and less populated beaches you may be able to practice naturism.

What do Nudists and Naturists demand from their most nudist beaches in Crete…?

Warm Clean Waters

Safe, clean and warm waters ideal for swimming and snorkelling!

Beautiful Scenery

Exotic palm forest, rocky cove, mountain backdrop or endless golden sands!


A free beach with an “away from the textiles” feel!


A natural beach to feel naturally you. To relax and enjoy perfect paradise!

The best news is that we’ve found the most welcoming naturist beaches here in Crete!

Our best Nudist Beaches guide...

Nudist Beaches

Sougia Beach

Sougia is located on the south coast of Crete and is a charming little fishing village. Unspoilt and very laid back it is the prefect setting for peaceful holidays. Although not officially a nudist beach, Sougia Beach tolerates discreet naturists. Naturists tend to use the far end of the lovely long beach which is over 1km long and is quite pebbly in places. The beach at Sougia, like all Crete south coast resorts has the crystal clear waters of the Libyan Sea lapping its shores. Mostly unshaded and without many sun beds and parasols for hire the beach has a natural feel to it.

Falassarna Beach

Falassarna beach is one of the best beaches in Greece. It can be found 60 kilometres west of Chania on the north west coast. It has soft golden sands and incredible clean and shallow waters. The beach is rocky at its northern end, but sandy to the south.

It is a perfect beach for naturists as there are sand dunes for discreet nude sunbathing. It is truly a heavenly and peaceful place with astonishing sunsets that are pure magic. A few umbrellas and sun beds can be rented on one of the top Greek Island nudist beaches.

The nearest village to is Falassarna Beach is Platanos.

Sweetwater Beach

Sweetwater Beach (Glyka Nera) is as delightful as it sounds, with very clear and fresh sweet water springs nearby. Located on the south coast of the region of Chania, this pretty beach is one of the best beaches for naturists. It's a perfect place for nude sunbathing and swimming. It has pebbles with a small kantina where you can have a cool drink, something to eat and rent an umbrella for protection from the sun. This beach is perhaps the most popular nudist beaches in Crete

This wonderful and quiet beach is located between Sfakia and Loutro.

Frangokastello Beach

Located on the south coast of the region of Chania there are three different beaches in the same area of Frangokastello. In addition to the pebbly beach to the west and the family friendly beach in front of the castle, there is the "Orthi Ammos" sandy beach. This beach you can find just a ten-minute stroll east of the castle. This is considered one of the best beaches in Crete. It is a quite stunning with big sand-dunes and crystal clear water. The far eastern part of this long beach is a naturism beach.

Frangokastello is the nearest village.

Plakias Beach

Plakias beach is located on the Southern coast in the tourist resort of the same name. It lies 40 kilometres south of Rethymno. This beach is just a beautiful example of a vibrant beach offering soft sand, clean waters, and all the facilities to make an enjoyable beach experience.

Sun beds, umbrellas, various water sports including diving excursions and diving lessons are offered. Sea front tavernas and beach bars line the beach, meeting the needs of hungry and thirsty visitors. The eastern part of the beach is kept for nudists and naturists.

The nearest village to Plakias Beach is Plakias.

Preveli Beach

The beach of Preveli known as Finikas (Phoenix) is found on the southern coast of Crete. It is the most famous and idyllic beach of the Rethymno region. Reminiscent of an exotic lagoon, the beach is an oasis of palm trees with crystalline turquoise waters and fine soft sand. Hippies in the early 1970’s, (maybe wearing flowers in the hair!) found their way to this little piece of paradise and set up camp here. They made huts from the leaves of the palm trees, a practice that went on until the end of the 1980's.

This area is very beautiful and remains thankfully unspoilt. Exotic palm trees and lush vegetation surround the beach, and with the Kourtaliotis River flowing gently into the sea, it really creates an enchanting and a dreamlike landscape.

Naturist swimming and sun bathing is possible here due to its secluded position, and makes it one of the best nudist beaches.

The nearest village to Preveli Beach is Agia Galini.

Damnoni Beach

Damnoni is located on the southern coast just a few kilometres west of the village of Plakias. The beach of Damnoni is considered as one of the best beaches in Crete. With an unspoilt feel to it and appealing to those who prefer a quieter secluded stretch to enjoy, Damnoni offers deserted bays and coves with soft sand and incredibly clean emerald green waters. It is an ideal beach for nudist sun bathing.

The nearest village to Damnoni Beach is Plakias.

Kommos Beach

Kommos (Komos) beach is located on the south coast of the region of Heraklion.

Kommos is a very special beach for many reasons. Like many of Crete’s beaches the beach is beautiful, has soft golden sand, the water is crystal clear and inviting, and it is ideal for water sports. But more than that Kommos, is renowned in Ancient Greek history, in Greek mythology, and as an area of great environmental and conservational importance.

Kommos was the ancient port of Phaistos in the Minoan civilization and was only upstaged in importance by Knossos.

A little off the shore, approximately 80 metres into the sea, there is a large black rock known as Volakas. In Greek mythology it is said that it is the stone which Cyclops hurled against Ulysses, who had earlier pierced the Cyclops' only eye with a stake.

The beach of Kommos is where the Caretta-Caretta logger head sea turtles lay their eggs in the golden sands.

Kommos Beach is one of the best nudist beaches for naturists in Crete.

The nearest village to Kommos Beach is Matala.

Elounda Rocky Beach

Between Agios Nikolaos and Elounda, close to Schisma, is located a small rocky beach. The beach is well protected from the winds and nudists bathing is allowed. No facilities are offered at this beach so it's usually far from busy. It is an ideal choice for nudists and naturists. The beach has crystal clear blue waters and is a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Myrtos Beach

Just 2 kilometres west of the village of Myrtos, on the south coast of the Lassithi there is a very peaceful beach. Mostly pebbles with rocky parts here and there, it is ideal for snorkelling. The beach is very natural without the usual facilities of busier beaches such as the one at Myrtos itself. It has crystal clear waters and is a very quiet beach. Naturists will find this beach very appealing.

The nearest village is Myrtos.

Just Some of the Reasons We Love Crete...

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