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The postal service here in Crete does not ordinarily deliver to your door. Many homes do not have an official address and do not have street names or house numbers, let alone a letter box so your address becomes the nearest Post Office.

In very small villages without a post office mail is delivered to the local kafenion!

Most homes  do not have a mail box at all. This is really good news as you do not get any junk mail whatsoever! The only mail you are likely to receive at the village post office are your electricity, water and telephone bills every two months or so.

Some villages have sets of numbered blue or green post boxes at the side of roads. They look a little like small lockers with individual keys. The postman opens up the boxes, places your mail in your numbered box and you have a key to open your assigned box. This service is free of charge.

Most post offices have some post boxes inside the post office but you need to rent these at a small cost.

If you don't rent a private box your mail will be placed usually in a plastic box that virtually the entire villages mail is placed in. You have to rummage through this box to collect your mail. The mail is supposedly in alphabetical order – Greek alphabetical order - but there are some discrepancies.

As well as receiving and sorting mail the local post office will of course take your mail and packages to be delivered elsewhere including overseas and sell you the relevant postage stamps. Also the majority of your bills can be paid at the post office in cash. 

Just some of the reasons we love Crete...

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