Press articles about Buying in Crete...

The press have written numerous press articles on buying property in Crete. Many highlight the benefits of buying Crete property as an investment as a second home or holiday home.

Some feature the pros and cons about living in Crete and Greece.

There are some press articles that act as a warning to prospective buyers and point out the possible perils about buying abroad.

From the Telegraph June 5 2007

Britons race for a place in the sun

Thousands of foreigners are buying up land on Greece's most southerly island. June Field reports on the chase for the best bargains…click Here for full article.

From the Observer April 25 2004

Plot your course for a place in the Greek sun

Are you in search of a home in paradise? Build it yourself, says June Field…click Here for full article.

From the Times July 27 2007

Buyers are tempted by the Greek Islands

The islands of Rhodes and Crete are looking to be more than a holiday destination says Gordon Miller …click Here for full article.

From the Times October 27 2006

Crete expectations

A seaside flat can cost only £84,000 on this Greek island, says Ginetta Vedrickas…click Here for full article.

From the Guardian June 2 2006

The perils of buying abroad

A Somerset couple's traumatic experience with their dream house on Crete is a warning to anyone buying property abroad, writes Jeremy Davies. …click Here for full article.

From the Telegraph May 28 2005

Greek glory that's more hit than myth

Rupert Bates on the best buys abroad. This week: Crete, a magnet for British buyers…click Here for full article.

From the Times September 15 2006

The glory of buying Greek

John Price gives several good reasons why Greece should come at the top of your list…click Here for full article.

Just Some of the Reasons We Love Crete...

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