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The following residence permit advice is produced by the British Embassy in Athens.


Greek law governing residence of EU nationals in Greece has now been regulated as follows:

The Residence Permit has been replaced by the Registration Certificate. British nationals staying longer than 3 months in Greece must hold this Certificate which will be open dated and so there will be no need for it to be renewed. This Certificate is obligatory, however, a new document available to EU nationals is the Permanent Residence Certificate (Engrafo Monimis Diamonis) which is optional, but can be applied for by anyone who wants it for their own reasons provided they can show that they have been a permanent resident of Greece for 5 years

As from 1 January 1988 nationals of the European Union are allowed to work in Greece however, Registration Certificates are required, whether a person will be working in Greece or not. Those persons wishing to set up their own business should comply with the relevant regulations in obtaining a licence to practice. In accordance to legislation such persons also need to register with the local tax office. Certain occupations directly involved with food and beverages also require a work licence issued by the Hellenic Police (e.g. bar/cafeteria or restaurant work).

The following documents will be required when applying for the issue of a registration certificate:


a) The passport on which the applicant entered Greece.

b) A statement by the applicant’s employer, duly certified by the local Labour Inspectorate, specifying nature and duration of the work to be done by the applicant.


a) A document issued by the appropriate authority of the country of origin showing their relationship, i.e. marriage/birth certificates.

b) that the persons in question are supported by the applicant, or live under the same roof as he/she, in that country.

c) The documents at 1)a).

Every time employees change work they must report the change to the local Labour Inspectorate Office of the new employer’s area. Persons who are coming to Greece to work for THREE months only, should report this fact to the nearest Aliens Police or police station within 8 days of their date of arrival in Greece.

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