Vegerra Taverna in Zaros - Heraklion, Crete

Restaurant Review of the Vegerra Taverna

We highly recommend the Vegerra Taverna that you'll find right in the heart of the beautiful mountain village of Zaros.

Zaros itself is found in the centre of Crete on the southern slopes of the Idi mountain range with Mount Psiloritis overlooking the whole area of Heraklion.

If you're lucky enough to be staying at Zaros or are within easy driving distance then a visit to Vegerra Taverna is a 'must do experience'.

The mainly vegetarian restaurant is run by the vivacious Vivi who has such passion and enthusiasm for the food she lovingly prepares and serves, for her village of Zaros and for the Cretan diet. More than ably assisting Vivi in running the Vegerra Taverna is her hardworking mother Irini. Both women prepare, cook and serve traditional recipes that have been handed down through the generations. And you'll not find better food anywhere on the island of Crete.


Vegerra Taverna Organic Food

All the food served at the Vegerra Taverna is organic. Grown with sunshine, love and care, the famous Zaros spring water and vast experience handed down through the generations.

The fruit and vegetable produce, the olive oil, the pulses and beans, the local dairy produce and any meat served is grown or reared without the use of chemicals. The respect for nature, the traditional farming methods and the fertile, unpolluted land all go towards making the produce highly nutritious, totally delicious and health giving.


As with any good restaurant, only the freshest and most plentiful and nutritious seasonal foods are used in the dishes served at the Vegerra Taverna. This of course leads to the best possible taste and flavour and high nutrition content and to a continual changing menu throughout the different seasons.


The ingredients that go into any of the many delicious dishes served at the Vegerra Taverna are used with the freshest produce. And we mean fresh – the mountain greens and salad, and other vegetables are usually picked fresh that morning and served later the same day. The eggs are freshly laid that morning by free range and healthy chickens.


Unlike some tourist resort tavernas you will not find anything other than homemade dishes prepared, cooked and served in plentiful portions at the Vegerra Taverna.


Only local produce, and mainly from the owners own farm and garden, are used to prepare the delicious dishes served at the Vegerra Taverna.

Even the olive oil, wine, Raki and spring water are produced in the village of Zaros.


Although not entirely a vegetarian restaurant the Vegerra Taverna can boast of its mainly vegetarian menu. The choice, variety and excellent taste of the vegetarian dishes cannot be bettered anywhere on the island.


Unlike a lot of tavernas you can find in Crete, particularly the tourist resorts, that all seem to have the same tired menu, the Vegerra Taverna presents a very varied daily menu. You'll find that Vivi will present 6 - 8 different dishes each day. The choice differs each day. So if you stay in Zaros for a few days or more and eat at the Vegerra Taverna you'll be offered the widest and tastiest menu anywhere on the island.



We can highly recommend every dish served by Vivi. We particularly enjoyed the Horta (wild greens) with beans, the lentil soup, the leek and potato dish and the fresh salad containing home sun dried tomatoes. We loved a roasted vegetable dish containing aubergine, courgette, red pepper and artichoke topped with Mizithra cheese and the homemade stuffed tomatoes. We also adored the home preserved kumquats.

The house wine is delicious and the complimentary Raki served at the end of the meal is smooth and very palatable, especially when drunk as an accompaniment to a plate of Loukoumades which are deep fried cinnamon dough balls, smothered in local honey with sesame seeds.

We simply love the Vegerra Taverna and will be awarding it our top award of five stars in our forthcoming Completely Crete Restaurant Guide. If you are visiting the area of Zaros make a beeline for this fabulous restaurant.

Visit the Vegerra Taverna website.

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