Beach Babes

Beach Babes
Bikini Girl

There are plenty of beach babes on the beaches of Crete. The Greek island paradise has hundreds of beautiful beaches most containing hundreds of beautiful bikini beach girls and beach boys having fun in the sun. The hot summer months and the fabulous beaches of Crete draw many visitors to the Greek island each year.

There are some Nudist Beaches in Crete where clothing - even the skimpiest bikinis - are not required. But be warned the Crete nudist beaches and all the Greek islands come to that attract mainly drooping, sagging wrinkly middle aged men rather than naked beach babes!

There are plenty more topless beaches than nudist beaches where many a hot girl will forego her bikini top to attain an allover tan. Top beaches in Crete are Malia Beach, Stalis Beach and the long stretches of beaches at Platanias and Rethymnon. But there are plenty of other beaches all around the coast of Crete. See our Best Beaches Guide for the perfect beach for you.

Just Some of the Reasons We Love Crete...

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