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- €200 per year (linked to from the Home Page)

If you have a business in Crete such as a hotel, apartments, restaurant, bar or club, you can advertise on Completely Crete.

We will link your page from our high trafficked Home Page and also list your business in the appropriate town or resort section under accommodation, places to eat, etc.

NOTE: Only businesses located in Crete AND Crete related can be listed. We are offering a fantastic opportunity for a full page promotional article on our website, linked from high page-ranked pages that are popular with visitors.

For only €200 for 12 months, we will put up a complete page to promote and advertise your:

  • Taverna
  • Bar
  • Hotel
  • Apartments
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Or other appropriate business based in Crete

This is not just a small linked ad or small banner buried somewhere on a page, it is a full featured article with pictures and links. The page will be optimised for the Search Engines. You can write your own copy, or we will write it for you with appropriate input, with appropriate keywords, title and description, to help it appear high on the list of Google Search Results.

Click the links to see examples of other advertisers' Featured Articles on this web site.

Nana Apartments

Vegerra Taverna, Zaros

This promotional opportunity could significantly increase the numbers of people being aware of your business.

This promotional opportunity could significantly increase the numbers of people being aware of your business.

What's in it for you

  • A full page feature advertisement or article on your business for only €200 PER YEAR
  • The page will be linked from more than one of our most visited pages on our website
  • Your business will be exposed to huge numbers of prospective customers all over the world
  • The web page will be part of Completely-Crete.com and will benefit from our Ranking and the large numbers of visitors to our site interested in visiting Crete
  • If required, we will build the page and provide the copy (words) and design

What's in it for us

Our biggest objective is to provide a comprehensive information website on Crete. By promoting businesses, we are providing visitors with a positive experience when they visit, knowing they can find the restaurant, bar, hotel, or resort or real estate agency that they are looking for with all the information they need.

We want to help Cretan businesses to promote themselves better to prospective tourists in the rest of the world on the World Wide Web.

Each added page or feature article will add valuable, interesting and original content to our website, increasing our importance as an information site for visitors and residents in Crete.

This is a full page feature article, not a small ad, for only €200 per year.

Our website is very popular, especially with potential tourists to Crete living in the UK and north Europe and the USA.

We want to provide our visitors details of the best restaurants, hotels, apartments and bars in Crete.

If you are interested in this advertising opportunity, or to learn more, reserve space or ask questions, please use the form below, and we will get back to you.

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