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Moving to Crete and deciding what to pack and what to leave behind can be a difficult decision.

There are as many theories and opinions on what to take and what to leave when moving to Crete, the most beautiful of Greek Islands, as there are ex pats in Crete.

But we’ll try to narrow down the options for you.

Leave Everything

When relocating to Crete permanently you may decide the cheapest and easiest option would be to leave everything behind.

To sell all possessions and arrive with just what can be carried in a suitcase takes some courage. Surprisingly enough, this may turn out to be the cheapest option for you, as transporting your possessions by carrier or driving yourself is costly.

We’ve all collected "treasured possessions" that are usually packed away in the loft and never see the light of day for years if not decades. Yet when it comes to relocating we simply cannot bear to be without that 1974 dog eared football programme, the knitted tea cosy Aunt Hilda made and that "interesting" set of ashtrays picked up in Morocco.

The rules of decluttering are if you haven’t used it in 12 months you don’t need it and should get rid of it!

Sell what you can sell.

Give away what will be appreciated.

Bin the rest.

If you still haven’t room in your suitcase for the family photo album, treasured or sentimental ornaments etc. ask relatives to hold onto them for you. They can bring them, one at a time, in their suitcases when they come to visit you.

Everything, and we mean everything you would want or need is available here in Crete.

Take Everything

When relocating to Crete permanently you can use the services of a specialised removal company. Basically they offer a door to door service and pack, collect, transport and unpack a container filled with your stuff.

In this way you can bring absolutely everything you possess.

We only know of one company who specialise in removals to Crete and Greece. For more information see their website at NOMAD.

Take it Yourself

When relocating to Crete some choose to travel overland and drive themselves to Crete with their possessions. If you choose this option it can be quite an adventure.

Some choose to drive their car to Crete, pack it full and not have to make the return journey to return a hire car/van and immediately start living in Crete. But you need to be aware of the importation rules of bringing a car into Greece. See our Greek Bureaucracy section for full details.

Just some of the reasons we love Crete...

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