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Being self employed in Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, is an option for some. Perhaps you have a transferable skill or profession such as painter, carpenter, builder, hairdresser, English teacher, etc. You might be able to use your skills and talents to earn money in Crete.

Some useful advice on self employment in Crete comes from The Rough Guide to Crete and states:

"As a self-employed professional, you must satisfy the requirements of the Greek State with equivalent qualifications to native Greeks plying the same trade. You should also befriend a good accountant, who will advise you on which of the several varieties of incorporation are to your advantage; trading under a fictitious name is vastly more expensive tax-wise than doing business as private person. You will need to sign on with TEBE, the Greek national Insurance Scheme for self-employed people (analogous to Class IV National Insurance Contributions in the UK). If you are continuing to contribute to a social insurance scheme in a counrt which has reciprocal agreements with Greece (all EU state do), this must be proved in writing – a tedious and protracted process.

Once you're square with TEBE, visit the tax office or eforia to be issued with a tax number (abbreviated "ah-fi-mi" in Greek, similar to a UK Schedule D number) which must be cited in all transactions. You will be required to prepare receipts and invoice books with your tax number, professionally printed on them or have a rubber stamp made up for applying that number to every sheet. The tax office will also determine which rate of VAT/sales tax (the "fi-pi-ah") you should pay for each kind of transaction; VAT returns must be filed every two months, which is where your friendly accountant who chose your incorporation type, comes in handy again."

by John Fisher and Geoff Garvey

"The Rough Guide to Crete" is the established leader in its field, now in its Seventh edition. From the great palace of Knossos to the atmospheric monastery of Arkadhi, get a real sense of regions highlights with the full-colour section. Comprehensive and detailed reviews of the best places to eat, drink and stay to suit every budget. And to escape the crowds there are insider tips on where to find Crete's most unspoilt beaches and best hikes- including the spectacular Samarian and Imbros gorges. The guide also takes a detailed look at the island's extraordinary history, wealth of culture and wildlife, and comes complete with maps and plans for every area. "The Rough Guide to Crete" is like having a local friend plan your trip!

For more advice on self employment in Crete consult KEP (Greek version of Citizens Advice Bureau) or a Crete Lawyer.

See your Lawyer in Crete or accountant, for further details.

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