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A top priority is to get yourself a Greek Tax Number (AFM) as soon as possible if you intend living in Crete. You’ll need one if you’re hoping to start a business in Crete, work in Crete - or retire to Crete.

You also need a tax number to buy a car or motorcycle, apply for a residency permit, and sign up for utilities such as electricity, water and telephone.

You will need an AFM tax number if you are renting or buying property in Crete. It is the equivalent of a social security number and it is yours for life.

If you are buying a property in Crete it might be best to issue a power-of-attorney to your Crete Lawyer so that they can acquire a tax number on your behalf.

Otherwise you can apply in person to the local tax office (Eforia). You need to have your passport with you plus a photocopy. You’ll also need your original birth certificate and marriage certificate (if applicable), plus photocopies.

A form needs to be completed with your name, your date of birth, your parents’ full names, your passport number and your address in Crete. The form is of course in Greek, so if you cannot read Greek you may need someone who can to help you.

You might need to have a Greek resident, such as your lawyer, accountant or landlord sign your application with you if you are not already a resident in Crete.

Once you have your tax number, you are required to submit a yearly tax return in Greece, regardless of your income.

Take advice from your Crete Greek accountant for more details.

See Income Tax advice from the British Embassy in Athens for more information.

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